Dr. Antony Thatchil

MD (Gen. Medicine)

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    Dr. Antony Thatchil, a Chief Consultant Physician at EMC, has been a cornerstone of the General Medicine department since joining in 1990. His tenure at EMC is marked by exceptional leadership and medical expertise.

    His journey in General Medicine, beginning in 1990, has seen him evolve into a highly respected figure in the field. His expertise in diagnosing and treating a diverse range of adult diseases is a testament to his years of dedicated practice and continuous learning.

    Specializing in primary and specialist care, Dr. Thatchil is adept at managing complex health issues related to human organ systems. His approach is patient-centric, focusing on tailored and effective treatment plans for each individual.

    As the Head of the Department, Dr. Thatchil's leadership is not just about managing a team but also about setting standards in healthcare excellence. He is committed to guiding his department in providing top-tier medical services, ensuring the best possible outcomes for their patients.

Dr. Antony Thatchil


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