General Medicine

The General Medicine department at EMC Hospital is a cornerstone of our healthcare services, providing top-quality comprehensive care in Kochi. Our team of experienced general physicians and doctors specializes in the prevention, diagnosis, and non-surgical treatment of various ailments for patients aged 14 and above. While care for children is expertly handled by our paediatricians, General Medicine serves as a foundational specialty, offering evidence-based clinical evaluations for diagnosis and treatment. These evaluations are crucial, especially when patients require organ-specific advanced care from other multi-disciplinary specialists.

General Medicine


Our general physicians are dedicated to offering a wide range of services:

  • Consultation and treatment for common medical conditions.
  • Management of medical emergencies and intensive care.
  • Immunization and vaccination services.
  • Patient education and management of special clinics.
  • General medical checkups and screening.
  • Evaluation for surgical fitness.
  • Consultation and advice for referral patients.
  • Second opinion services.
General Physician Doctors



The General Medicine department at EMC is equipped with:

  • Consultations from highly experienced specialist physicians.
  • Inpatient care in private rooms and ICUs.
  • A range of investigative procedures including clinical laboratory tests, radiology, and ultrasonography.
  • Complementary services such as physiotherapy and dietary consultations.
  • An in-house pharmacy operational round the clock.


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