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Joint Replacement Surgery

Ernakulam Medical Centre has one of the best facilities for Joint Replacement Surgery in Kochi, a procedure in which part of a damaged natural joint in the skeletal system is surgically removed and replaced with an artificial device called a prosthesis usually made of metal, plastic or ceramic material.

Sometimes a joint replacement surgery will be the only option available, as recommended by your doctor, to alleviate a condition where a patient suffers unbearable pain in the joints while carrying out the normal activities.

The human skeletal system comprising of a total of 206 bones gives our body a shape and also provides protection and support to other organ systems and muscles that allow it to move freely. Like in any mechanical device, the bones in our body are joined in different types such as – a “ hinge joint” for the knee, a “ball and socket joint” for the hip and shoulders etc. The joints are covered by the cartilage, a connective tissue that provides support and helps mobility. When the cartilage is damaged by wear and tear or any other reason, the ends of the bones meet resulting in extreme pain and the need for a surgery for a replacement.

Joint replacement surgeries are normally carried out in knee, hip or shoulder, though the procedure can also be carried out in other smaller joints like wrist or ankles.

The Orthopaedics department in EMC with its best team of surgeons and other support facilities provides the best treatment for joint replacement surgeries in Kochi.

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